Sunday, my sisters and I were able to celebrate with my Dad for his 54th birthday. Since he’s moved to Louisville, Kentucky and I’ve been here in Columbus we haven’t been able to get together as a family since, well… I can’t even remember. Thank the lucky stars, we were able to reconnect for a ‘Saturday morning breakfast’; our weekly tradition that we have been fortunate enough to partake in for the past several years. Literally, we went to breakfast at Cold Creek every Saturday [or Sunday, depending on our schedules]. It’s a tiny restaurant located in Castalia, Ohio; with cheap but incredible food! Only a select few have been fortunate enough to partake in our tradition and I can’t tell you how many people have asked to join us on our exertions. I wouldn’t trade my family for anything, and it’s times like these, sitting up in room during the wee hours of the night that I think back to my childhood and reminisce with a smile. I had a great childhood and I love that my dad captured most of it on film. This past weekend I attempted to do the same. I got out the old camera [one with video capabilities] and filmed most of our breakfast and car-riding tradition. I put together this video as a way for my dad and sisters, and even myself, to cherish the memories of our Saturday mornings, because now those breakfasts are few and far between. I miss my family; my crazy, silly, hysterical, off-the-wall family. I hope this video shows you a side of them that I have been lucky enough to know and love for the past 24 years….

Update: Sorry for the inconvenience, but for some reason the link won’t load. If you’d like to check out the video just head over to my Facebook page, I’ll post the link below. You should be able to access it from there!