“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”– Maya Angelou

I’ve never been one with words; spoken words, that is. I’ve always used photography and writing as a means to express who I am. Suffering from a lisp as a small child and possessing the horrid “first-born child syndrome” characteristics [compliancy, quietness and oversensitivity… to name a few] have done a number on my ability to express myself verbally. Apparently, I mumble, as well. No, really; I am told on an almost daily basis. Being asked several times in a matter of minutes to repeat yourself, really does something to your self-esteem. It’s gotten to the point where I can tell exactly when someone has no idea what I’ve just said but doesn’t have the courage to ask me to repeat myself for the 5th time, so they smile awkwardly and nod. Because of these sometimes amusing, but always frustrating interactions, I tend to lean more on the quiet side. People think I’m indecisive or don’t have an opinion, when in reality I just lack a voice [a loud, steady, clear voice]. I guess that is why I chose the career path that I did. As an undergraduate at Bowling Green State University, I studied Developmental Disabilities and Habilitation. Currently I work as a Direct Care Provider for two very fun-loving individuals who in the eyes of many also “lack a voice”. While at times I may not be able to get my own messages across to others, I will fight with everything in me to get their messages out and heard. The photograph shown above is a glimpse of me that I would otherwise not be able to express in words. With just a quick glance you are able to see my interests, my love, my life. This is who I am, do you believe me?